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We fit the product and price to your individual needs and budget


Architectural Shingles


We fit the product to your project needs. We can sell you 1 bundle, 1 pallet, or multiple semi-loads. We sell to the general public as well as commercial contractors. 

 We sell both warranty and new, clean, non warranty product.  When we opened the doors in 2014 as Nashville Discount Roofing Supply, we only sold non-warranty shingles. Today, we have grown to include major name brands with warranty, as well as factory wrapped and non-wrapped architectural shingles, year round. We have over 15 colors in stock on a regular basis to meet your needs. We stock the most popular colors like Weathered Wood, Black, Slate Gray, and Dark Brown, but also hard to find colors like Cedar, Tan, Teak, Green, and even Red and Blue. 

All of our non-warranty shingles are sold as-is, but if you open a bundle and it is not what it is supposed to be, you can return it for refund or exchange, provided that you have not nailed it down. In the discount world, use constitutes acceptance. However, we check our materials on a regular basis, and we strive to only sell you good, clean, matching, useable product. 

We take care of our customers, and if you ever have an issue, let us know!

Metal Roofing


We also have metal roofing available for your project, including new with warranty, new with non-warranty, and a large supply of used tin that still seals and makes a great value roof.

New with warranty: Available in multiple colors and thicknesses. Special order, cut to size. 

New non-warranty : Pressed from B grade coil stock, slight paint imperfections, but still a great value for those on a budget. You will not be able to see a difference from the ground (unless you specifically buy rainbow panel). 

Used: We have a friend who disassembles agricultural buildings. I have 23 foot sheets of good solid tin for $31.97  each. Thats only $1.39 a foot! If you buy over 100 sheets there is a further discount. Limited supply, so check with us today!

Commercial Roof Install / Repair


We offer installation of Conklin Commercial Roof Repair coatings, including liquid applied coatings, 3 pound spray foam coatings, and more.

Whether you have a leaking flat roof, or a leaking commercial metal roof, we can help!

Call the office at 615-242-4626 to schedule a time to speak with the owner, Jason, about your roof repair needs. 




We carry a standard selection of new fasteners, including roofing nails, felt nails, staples, and more. We carry  1.25" and 1.75" coil nails for roofing gun nailers, and we order screws for metal roofing, and screws and plates fo rubber roofing. 



We sell #15 and #30 asphalt felt, as well as synthetic felt underlayment in 10 square rolls. We also sell Ice and water shield, flashing, high temp underlayment for metal roofing, as well as peel and stick base/cap sheet materials. Need something else? Just let us know. 

Venting/Everything Else


We sell ridgevent in rolls or by the piece. We also sell step flashing, roll flashing, trim coil, Geocel sealant, spray paint, and most anything else you need to complete your  job. Our accessories are brand new and come from local distribution.